Snowboarding is one of the most entertaining recreational activities that are popular around the world. Snowboarding enthusiasts are fond of the nature of this activity which never fails to excite them. Of course, who would not get excited once the snow starts to fall outside your steel garage doors? You would definitely want to go outside and play with these cold crystals of ice.

But of course, you have to consider the importance of the kinds of clothing that are appropriate when doing this fun recreational activity. It should be a “must” for you to check what type of clothes would be safe for you to wear.

Basically, all you need is a good layer of snowboarding clothes that will make you warm and dry. Remember that you would be dealing with ice and so it is important that your performance would not be affected by the freezing temperature. And since snowboarding requires a lot of movement, you have to make sure that you can manage the sweat that your body would release. If you sweat in the middlle of a freezing snowboarding area, there is a great possibility that you will get flu and colds. To avoid this kind of circumstance, you must be very careful with the clothes you wear.
You have to consider three factors when choosing your base layer. You have to think of the material, texture and fit of your chosen snowboarding base layer cloth.


The best base layer to used are those made of wool. They have fast drying properties and they also allow the warm particles to remain in your body even though you are wet in the middle of the snow area. They help in the release of moisture and yet maintaining the warm feeling.


Snowboarding experts say that the more your base layer looks like a waffle, the more it is suitable for you. Its texture amazingly keeps you warm and dry. It helps your body to stay warm while releasing sweat.


When you choose your base layer, make sure that the size you will get is the one that touches your skin. If it does not, it will not do any good
to you. Be sure to use a base layer that perfectly fits your whole body. Remember to value its function more than the fashion.
Always keep in mind that your health safety is always important. It is fun to do snowboarding but you have to make sure that it will not, in any
way, compromise your healthy living.

To sum it up, you have to remember these three things when choosing your appropriate snowboarding attire:

  1. Make sure that your first layer of clothing touches your skin. It should allow moisture to escape while retaining the warmth of your body.
  2. Be mindful of your attire as it should serve its function more than its fashionable benefits.
  3. Enjoy your day playing with snow but make sure that you would be able to keep youself safe and healthy.


When you are a snowboarding enthusiast, you surely know the importance of your snowboard. Of course, you will not enjoy the rhythm of the snow without a perfectly functional board that will give you the ability to glide on snow. For sure, you would need to invest to a high-quality snowboarding material. But what could make your high-quality snowboard dysfunctional? One word; rust.

Nobody has ever befriended rust. Aside from the stains they may leave behind, they are actually 5the reason behind billions worth of bridge destructions in the United States. If it can eat your whole steel garage door, there is no way you can stop it from eating your metal snowboard. Although it would be hard for you to stop it from damaging your metal tool, it would be much easier to prevent it.
So how does rust form itself?

Basically, rust is the product of a chemical reaction between iron, oxygen and water. It means when a tool made of metal is exposed to air and moisture for a long period of time, and then rusting can occur. Once you fail to prevent its build up, it will consume your steel material entirely.
You would not want to invest to an expensive snowboard which would only succumb to rust, right? You would definitely want to prolong the life span of your snowboard. So what would you do if a portion of it gets affected by rust? Will you let your snowboard be damaged by this disaster? Of course, not!

There are plenty of ways on how to prevent rust from spreading all over your metal snowboard. Once you see traces of rust, you can immediately try the ACID TREATMENT.

This particular treatment aims to remove and prevent the rust from damaging your metal tool further. By using salt and lime or lemon juice, you can enjoy an almost new steel snowboard.
Some people may also use Coca-cola drink. It has properties that can remove rust so you do not need to worry about its damage. It can dissolve rust quickly.

To avoid your snowboards from getting rusted, you may consider doing the following:
1.) Keep your snowboards dry. Always dry them after use. Remember that it has been used on a snowy surface. Pat them dry to avoid rusting.
2.) Coat it with high-quality paint so that moisture will not easily affect its metal. It is important to give your boards high-quality protection.
3.) Use oil to smoothen the braces and the screws of your snowboard.