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It’s time to realize the importance of breathability in outerwear. A majority of jackets may offer a high waterproof rating, but you forgo breathability, before you know it you’re wet from the inside out. Cocona technology provides hyper-breathability while not sacrificing protection from the elements.

Stay Dry. Stay Warm.



Cocona XceleratorCocona is the element of performance.

Our ingredient technologies enhance the performance of apparel so we can all stay out longer.

Activated carbon particles created from coconut shells are infused into the fibers to speed up the process of moisture evaporation. Increases breathability by at least 40%. Will never wash or wear off. Stink-proof. Stay dry and warm all day. Gets better with each wear and wash. Use, wash, and repeat.

Continuum - Trifecta


When uou wear a Homeschool style you reap the benefits of Cocona’s superior breathability. When you double up or wear all three categories to complete the Continuum Trifecta it exponentially increases the breathability and dry time by up to 500 times quicker when compared to competitors product. Stay dry, stay warm.



Continuum Shell Burly fabrics protecting you from the elements while allowing moisture vapor to escape to promote a dry, comfortable environment.
Continuum Midlayer Fleece that offers warmth and superior breathability, perfect for layering.
Continuum Base Next to skin technical apparel offering the ultimate in breathability, stretch, anti-odor and comfort.


Homeschool Technical Details





RIRI Aquazip™
Provides optimal strength while keeping the elements out

An avalanche safety beacon embedded right in your outerwear.  One of the major benefits is that there is no batteries required, and can totally save your ass.  Most importantly though, make good decisions and stay responsible and safe out there.  Here is one of the best articles and explanations I have ever seen on RECCO. 

The Darth (Wind) Hater hood was developed while stuck on the Vista lift  at Mt. Hood Meadows while Mother Nature decided to throw all kinds of snow, rain, and ice around.  To combat this we decided to develop raised cheek panels on the hood to proect the sides of your face while being battered all around.  It allows you to create a personal environment around yourself while not being exposed to the brutal outside conditions, yet still retain the ability to breathe.  The days of having to "turtle" are over.


Our fit, like any company, evloves over the years, but we engineered our fit for one thing only, snowboarding. It’s the ideal fit with or without layers. These aren’t costumes. If you want to wear it big or tight then size up or size down.